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The curse of a Third World Country

20121017-160056.jpgI have been continually struck by the similarities between South Africa and India. Both third-world countries, both given a start to life with potentially thriving infrastructure. However once the ‘colonists’ forces withdrew from these countries, very little was put towards maintaining that infrastructure. It feels as though the mentality is ‘repair or new’, no thought given to the cost effective ‘maintain’. What the policy leaders fail to recognise is that this blatant waste of money could be put to better use – like education, proper health care and alleviating poverty. Then again these basic human privileges to life would cause the millions below the bread line to make better voting decisions or start to question substandard living environments and corrupt political practices.

My hope for India (and South Africa and any other third world/ developing nation) is not only the protection of history, but more importantly the preservation of future.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the culture that I have been exposed to while traveling here and I am by no means trying to be a political analyst – I just do not like seeing unnecessary poverty that should be the forefront concern of leaders within the world.

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