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Rishikesh bliss

I found my happy loving place again in Rishikesh.

Made famous by the Beetles who spent an extended amount of time in an ashram here, Rishikesh has a great mix of nature and nurture, with the Himalayas range starting its ascent and a large choice of ashrams to sooth the soul.

I checked into Anand Prikesh Ashram near the Lakshman Jhula where we practiced yoga twice a day, got served amazing food three times a day and I had the rest of the time free to roam the streets of Rishikesh.




Not only that, I got to do my first laughing yoga class, which really is very funny and I had a tummy ache from laughing so much when it ended. It starts off oddly… First your laugh comes out fake, and then you start laughing at the sounds coming out from others, and then its just a whole hearted, whole body laugh which releases all tensions. I absolutely CANNOT wait to do it again.

There were also the Yogi Yum Yums, which were natural sweet goodies made from honey, peanuts, coconut powder and sesame and so so yummy! The Yogi Yum Yum man was the Yin Yoga teacher from the ashram. It was lovely to practice a new style of yoga which I have not ever heard of before. Yin Yoga is the deep stretching of connective tissues of the body. In layman’s terms: holding stretching poses for an extended amount of time (usually around 5 minutes). The most painful pose is the frog, whereby you hold an almost splitting pose for 5 minutes. Hello open hips and thighs after that one.

During our explorations we stumbled upon the Pyramid Cafe. Having been a vegetarian for 3 months now, I had wanted something along the burger lines. This is more to remind myself than anyone else – but we ordered the MOST DELICIOUS mushroom and tofu burgers. Who needs meat when you really can have an explosion of taste like that in your mouth. This is something I definitely plan on making back home.



I loved Rishikesh and I will definitely be going back there.

20121019-100958.jpgSo much love to go around

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