Camel oh how I love thee… On Safari in Jaisalmer

Another very early morning arrival in the desert city by train. Another swarming of touts all trying to get us to their hotel (which all seem to have the same name – Desert something or other). Wanting to avoid this craze, we booked our hotel ahead of time, and had a driver pick us up from the train station. The Desert Hotel, housed in the walls of the old fort, was a winner of a choice.

After some shut eye, a little tour of the beautiful yellow desert fort (which was a little smaller than what I was anticipating), we booked a camel safari through our hotel (here is the website for those interested because it was wonderful).

Desert Fort:






The leather shopping here is so worth it. The only problem is they tell you its camel – which is not always the case… My pretty bag is probably cow – but we wont tell anyone;)

Words do not do the camel safari justice – so here are some pics from our adventure:

My camel – Prince




20121016-214954.jpgdid someone say camel toe?



Sleeping under the stars in the Indian desert will be something I wont quickly forget. But the sunset and sunrise was out of this world!!




The guides were also very good, and the indian food they served up was amazingly fresh and delicious.



What can I say? Just another day in paradise.

20121016-220204.jpg(local Rajasthani woman seen in a rural village)

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One thought on “Camel oh how I love thee… On Safari in Jaisalmer

  1. Beautiful photos!

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