Free day – whoooopi


It’s day 3 and it’s Friday so it means we have a free day. We’re told that Satsung is optional (which it isn’t really – because the first lecture was on ‘tapas’ (no not the awesome Spanish kind – its not giving into temptations like missing Satsung kind). Well anyway I decided that as a present to myself I would sleep in to a whooping 7:30am.

The plan was to head out to the Elephant Sanctuary 11km away from the ashram and what a pleasure it was to go and get out. We bathed the Eli’s, saw 2 babies – 7 month old little ones whose mother had been poached (poaching seems to be a universal problem which is so sad) AND ride an ELI!!!! I was so excited I could have wee’d in my pants!!

I think I’m starting to get into the swing of things… Making amazing friends – which is always cool!







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One thought on “Free day – whoooopi

  1. Ang

    LMAO can’t believe you’re actually there!

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