Day 4: hello Pancha Karma treatments


So today I started my Pancha Karma detox and todays treatment was a dry powder massage followed by a sauna where the powder mixed with sweat turns into a clay type substance. What I hadn’t realized was that the clay gets wiped off with a cloth and you’re only allowed to wash it off at night – so you basically spend the whole day feeling dirty. The warm evening shower (well bucket wash down) feels like bliss. According to my plan I’m not allowed cold water on my skin – so I have warm bucket baths at the clinic during the powder massage stage. It’s only 3 days so I’m not overly worried.

Onto brighter news – last nights Satsung was held in the special temple where we made offerings of red cumin powder and flowers to the divine mother. It really was a very special Friday evening. I’m still struggling with sitting cross legged for such a long time – but I’m hoping it gets easier. Chanting is DEFINITELY not my thing – but I’m trying to show the ashram respect and take part in it… Note to self – read website carefully when signing up for things.

Onto funnier news – during a relaxation posture about 30 minutes before the class ended, I completely fell asleep – apparently it included twitches and a little snore! I haven’t been that embarrassed in a while – so blaming the detox… Hehehe

Namaste friends and family. Wishing you all a peaceful weekend!





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One thought on “Day 4: hello Pancha Karma treatments

  1. Tristan Bain Venn

    When we watched Eat Pray Love and she was in India at the Ashram, arriving during satsung, David asked if you were doing such things. Sitting, clapping and singing. He got a better idea of what it was you were doing and just shook his head saying he would never go to such places. I just laughed out loud!!!!!! Dont know if I could do the satsung either… 😉

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