Day 3: things are starting to be exciting

I’m already starting to feel settled in this place. Yesterday I went and bought a whole bunch of local outfits to blend in.

Today I learnt that ‘Namaste’ (how to say hello, good bye and thank you) means ‘the divine light in me recognises the divine light within you’ and for this soul reason I have decided that if a country can have a greeting like that – it’s definitely worth the extra time and for that I’m very glad that this was one of my first stops in the round the world trip!

Jov and I also met a British girl, Liz, who also happens to be going to the ashram. I’m learning the art of battering better and NOT getting ripped off and learning many little handy tips. I thought I would share the cleverest tips I’ve learnt so far:
1. Battering with the rickshaw driver is not only a manner of getting the price down – it also helps determining whether or not the driver is drunk. If drunk – DO NOT DRIVE WITH HIM!!! The traffic and roads are scary enough.

2. Talk to the locals – have been sent to 2 very awesome local restaurants – ‘The old Indian coffee house’ and ‘The Regency hotel restaurant’

3. You should batter with the hotel owner/ manager for the rate of the hotel (who knew).

I owe most of these tips to Liz… Very very grateful to have met her!

So while I have Internet I thought I would give a quick breakdown as to what lies ahead in ashram life, as I will be out of contact for that.

Basic Ashram Schedule

0520 hrs WAKE UP BELL
0600 hrs SATSANG
0730 hrs TEA TIME
0800 hrs ASANA CLASS
1000 hrs BRUNCH
1100 hrs KARMA YOGA
1230 hrs COACHING CLASS (optional)
1330 hrs TEA TIME
1400 hrs LECTURE
1600 hrs ASANA CLASS
1800 hrs DINNER
2000 hrs SATSANG
2200 hrs LIGHTS OUT

I am also planning on doing a Panchakarma Detoxification Program. Panchakarma means ‘five treatments’ to remove toxins from the body and to support the natural rhythms of the body. It is a minimum of 14 days preventive and/or curative treatment to detoxify and cleanse the body and mind.

For now I know that 2 of the treatments are massages (YES PLEASE) and enema’s (um… Ja… Will report back on that one). But it should be good and I’m pretty excited.

So until I have Internet signal again… Namaste

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One thought on “Day 3: things are starting to be exciting

  1. Ang

    Oh shit! Literally !

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