Things I won’t forget: Put Foot Rally 2012

It feels like I’m living a dream at the moment. I had wished to have a break from work, from life, from relationships and now that I’m on this amazing trip of a life time – it feels surreal.

Traveling with Ange, in Legend (her bakkie), meeting more people than I’ve met in the last few years. The funny thing is that we’re all in the same space of our lives – looking for meaning, looking for passion and just having fun while we’re at it.

Thing I won’t forget:
1. Being on the road for multiple amazing African sunrises and 2 incredible sunsets.

2. The feeling of cracked heals, hardened by years of walking barefoot to and from school, to and from fetching clean water miles away from their homes and to and from the nearest town in order to get the bare essentials necessary for survival. Putting clean socks onto these dusty cracked heals made me want to cry and hug the child all at once. I will never forget seeing purity in these kids eyes, purity and gratitude – something I forget about when life gets busy or when I don’t get what I want. I will not forget to be grateful for at least ONE thing a day in my life going forward. The shoe drop taught me that you don’t need much for happiness, the children taught me that by giving you get so much more in return.

3. “Are you going going hunting?”
“Yip, adventure hunting!”
And we did Ange!! We definitely did!

4. At a road block in Namibia, a cops question to Ange was “Where’s your license? You going on holiday? Where’s your husband?”. The last question was said with such confusion on the cops face. Ange’s response was “Shit I don’t need a husband to go on holiday!”. This seemed to confuse the poor traffic cop more and with a very perplexed look on his face he sent us on our way – welcome to the 1920s – hahahahahahahaha

5. Meeting Tersius in Namibia –
“Hulle veet nie wat is kak nie, I was born in Namibbbbbbbbia”. This was just an example of one of the funny things he said… Ters – you were a treat on the rally! You made Ange and I laugh often and from the bottom of our tummies!!!

6. YES there is a time difference in Namibia.

7. Rally saying:

“Raak betrokke vok…”

8. According to a reputable guidebook, the 28th of June is ‘Bang a local day’ in Zambia. Don’t worry dad I know better than that – but it was good for a few laughs with ‘Better the Globe’.

Things I recommend for Africa:
1. Forex for all the countries you are going to visit (or just know what the rate is).

2. GPS (preferably one that doesn’t take you off the main road and onto a small dodgy dirt road – quickest route my arse) or a good map.

3. An iTrip for your iPod. Epic fail leaving it behind – but the 10 CDs we had were a blessing (Kings of Leon rock). Luckily we won (aka stole) one along the way from another team.

4. A polaroid camera. When/ if you stop off at local villages the kids always ask for photos of themselves. It would have been awesome being able to give them a memory of themselves at their current age.

5. A whole load of PATIENCE, passion for Africa and the ability to laugh at yourself… Other than that – pack your car, take your passport and hit the road. It is one of the best adventures you will EVER have.






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