Day 15 and 16: Vilanculos wonders

Finally day 15 – Hello Vilanculos!! It’s awesome how beautiful and amazing this seaside town can be.

We arrived, put our bags in our very awesome rooms (yes we lodged again). Dakin commented that our trip has become a little more of a princess tour – but I think for first time camping we’re doing pretty well with a ratio of 1:1 camping to lodging.

Mozambique is picture perfect, with colourful dhows in the water, amazing sunsets and a BEACH, so off to the beach we went! We pub crawled around Vilanculos with ‘Kif and A’rus’ and ‘Better the Globe’- Cabah, Mozi bar and Smugglers. I’m loving these impromptu checkpoint parties. We were celebrating the American independence day – and instead of hotdogs Ange and I insisted on boerie rolls. I don’t think they went down as well as planned but it was fun nevertheless.

At Smugglers I met a bunch of random people who were taking a dhow out to a island for a day of snorkeling and it’s something I really recommend you do. Our only problem was the dhow driver was set to African time, which meant a late set off time and thus we kept getting stuck on sand banks. But we got there eventually!

I could very easily spend the rest of my life in Vilanculos. The people are friendly, beach really awesome and R&R’s flow easy, but be warned the tipantinto (Mozi rum) is lethal and you will wake up with a massive hangover/ headache if you join that train:)











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