Day 14: Mozam here we come

Today I’m exhausted! 5278km down, 6 checkpoint parties in and a body that is in huge need of a detox.

We have one checkpoint party left in 3 days time, and I’m hoping to get some relax time down over the next few days.

It has been an amazing adventure over the last 2 weeks though.

Mozam transit days… Why I love mozam –
1. Driving past kids washing themselves with rocks right next to the road. I get that this sounds a little strange – but I’m using it to show how open and free Mozam is as a country.

2. Feel an amazing vibe of the country – sun, sea, beach sand, R&Rs – what more do you need?

3. Getting lost in Tete trying to find Cafe Pino (the guide book said it was a must). Turns out it was actually called Club Pino, which we pulled into for some beers and pizza with another team.

4. Watching kids pumping water into water cans in their villages which are right next to the road

5. Border control – biggest no mans land ever! I kept telling Ange to turn back because I was worried we weren’t going to get our passports stamped. Turns out that there is a whole village of people living in this 20km of no mans lands.

6. National animal of Mozambique are rolled over/ broken down trucks, and even though these aren’t pretty – it makes for a pretty interesting sight.

We drove late into the night to Chimoio, 3 vehicles in convoy – lead by ‘Better the Globe’ and meeting new awesome people from ‘Kif + the Aru’s’. It was amazing that every village we drove past were having a massive party next to the road and outside the local bar with locals dancing next to the road. There was no electricity – I could just make out what was happening by the fires that were burning besides the dancing crowd. This is Africa, these are her people who are living together, happily and with passion.

We finally made it to Chimoio and I was doing the nodding off panda for the last 2 hours of the trip – how Ange got us there safely I will never know!


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