Day 13: I Heart Malawi


Random things you didn’t know about Malawi:
1. You get bicycle taxis where a person sits on the back of the bike in the bag carrier part. If the driver gets stuck in sand (which is a big possibility due to the seasand of the lake being everywhere) he’ll make the passenger get of and walk until the sand is firmer.

2. You also have bicycle ambulances for the rainy season due to the sand becoming to thick for vehicles to get into the villages. I am still trying to visualize how this works.

3. Lake Malawi is one of the rare freshwater lakes in the world where tropical fish can be found.

I spent the day in my cozi, tanning around the pool, doing yoga (admitantly after a few beers which meant my balance was a bit off), watched another incredible sunset and had a RAD Full-moon party (which was pretty ridic).

Malawi is definitely a country I will come back to – and SOON!!







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One thought on “Day 13: I Heart Malawi


    Nice! 🙂

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