Day 11 and 12: Malawi

Zambia was really the most entertaining, but definitely my least favourite when it comes to authorities. We crossed back into Zambia from Zim to get to Malawi and en route were pulled over by a traffic officer for ‘dangerous driving’ and here is the story…

Driving towards Lusaka, we were faced with the dilemma of a broken down truck in the middle of the road. This meant that in order to proceed with our trip, we would need to overtake this stationery truck on a solid line, and within 100 meters of this happening, we were stopped by a traffic officer. When we mentioned the truck to the officer, her response was “what truck?” and ordered us to pay a fine of 275,000 Kwatcha. Unfortunately between “Better the globe” and “Love and a 1/2” we only had 105,000 Kwatcha which she decided she would accept until she head an American accent from “Better the Globe”. At this point the dollar signs in her eyes were visable and the fine was getting larger and larger. Luckily for Ange and her ‘don’t take shit or prisoners’ attitude with Zambian officials – this was quickly resolved by her saying “LOOK! They’re with us, we don’t have anymore money and you aren’t giving us a receipt!’ and we were on our way again… Sometimes it is necessary to be stern in Africa – and I am grateful we didn’t spend anytime in an African jail.

1 km further down the road the Catholic congregation were performing a fund raiser in the MIDDLE of the highway. TIA (This Is Africa)… And all I could do was laugh – but we kept to our course – passed them and headed further down our road for a spot of lunch in Lusaka.

NOTE TO SELF – if traveling to Malawi from Lusaka, stop off for fuel as you will not find a petrol station for kilometers and kilometers after that (thank the pope for jericans).

Finally we made it to Malawi… It’s amazing how just by crossing a border the countries uniqueness can be seen IMMEDIATELY!

Malawi – the country of old school bicycles. Millions and millions of old school bicycles.

Day 12 will be remembered as having seen one of the MOST incredible sunsets of my life over the lake, with friends, a cold beer and some sand in my shoes – WOW!!!

More laughs – this time because Luke realized his ‘malaria pills’ were actually diarrhea pills and he was now able to explain why his stomach had been acting out (no Luke – it was not because of the ice).

We decided that it was time to lodge. I was in need of a good sleep in a bed and ended up passing out before room service arrived.

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