Day 10: celebrating life Checkpoint party!


Ange and I were up at the crack of dawn. I’m starting to learn what that saying actually means!! On the road towards another border crossing to Kariba, Zimbabwe. After yesterday event, Ange is partially deaf and feels like she has a river swishing around in her head. I really hope this passes for her sake – I’ve succumbed to shouting in her ears when we talk.

After the last few border crossing Ange has taken on a new stance to officials – completely relaxed and non-committal to anything (especially bribery and corruption). At the border, Interpol (whose office is located under a Zimbabwean tree – literally a desk under a tree) informed us that due to the fact that we didn’t have the correct police clearance certificate they were sure we could not enter into Zim (aka if you take me around the corner and give me $10 I am sure that entry would be allowed). Ange, not having anymore of this, calmly walked away back to the bakkie to do make-up.

A few minutes later another team who were also trying to cross over, lost the plot with the Zimbabwean Interpol and was running around the car park shouting “you want me to bribe YOU? I am not corrupt, you are corrupt!!”. He stormed off, got into his car, slammed the door, spun his car around and sped off back towards Zambia. What a blessing in disguise… Within minutes the officials walked up to our car, stamped the gate pass and off we were to the Zim checkpoint party – no bribery needed.

We arrived at our campsite which was right next to lake Kariba. The next thing we knew there were hippos in the camp and we received a stern warning from the organizers to carry tourches with us as hippos and crocs frequented the camp often, with 3 people being eaten in the last month – GREAT! I choose life – so made sure not to have the drunken swim I like having after one too many…

The check point party ‘Ai Kariba Kariba’ was quieter than the others – mainly due to border issues other teams faced and visa requirements for internationals to get into the country. But we still had a fun party.










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