Day 6: Chobe, Chobe, Chobe

After a massively fun impromptu party, Ange and I being told “You chicks are crazy!!” (which I think is an over exaggeration) and then catching the very same “crazy” comment guys stealing our firewood, it was time to pack up and go. We were en route to Chobe, Botswana for some TRULY amazing game viewing.

I’m starting to dislike border crossings. After being searched by 2 very sullen Namibians, I was made to dunk all my shoes in pesticide to kill any germs I might be carrying. I mean really! Do I look like I have germs?

Chobe was incredible though. Ange and I splashed out on a proper bed at a lodge, a booze cruise down the Zambezi and being entertained by team “Better the Globe”.

Highlight of the day: having a puff of cigar while sitting on a deck next to the Zambezi; seeing elephant, hippo, crocs, buffalo, leopard eating a baby elephant and then eventually being chased away by the lions who wanted in on the fun.

Lowlight of the day: ashing Luke’s cigar – which effectively put it out – haha epic fail! Oops…









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