Day 5: The MERGE


Walkie talkies: a South African slang word for 2 way radio.

Hooter: South African for car horn

To date we have driven 2500km. Ange and I woke up refreshed and a little fresh. I am getting my warm-up tactics down to a T, and woke up only marginally freezing this morning.

Day 5 was a drive from Etosha to the Caprivi strip. The thing that I have noticed about the more southern parts of Africa is that civilization here is totally different to anything I have ever seen. There are random bus stations in the middle of no where and little wooden hut villages every 10km or so.

‘Goofy Gophers’ sponsored a walkie talkie so we could chat while driving. After getting to question 10 in ’20 questions’ I realised that it was getting hard to think of good questions on the spot. It started going down hill when one of the last questions was ‘speedos versus jocks’ (which turned into a spray can discussion – with the guys knowing more than the girls – blind).

En route we spotted many domestic buffalo (aka the lesser spotted African cow), suicidal animals and people who thought it was funny to run in front of our bakkie. I think our hooter was blown more than ever before and I thank our lucky stars the village children didn’t get run over.

Our campsite was Ngepi camp on the Caprivi strip next to the Okavango river. Quote of the day was “sho wee this is GORG-ious”.

Had a few cold ones while setting up camp, which Ange and I are getting very good at (the tent part that is- although we are getting good at the cold ones also). Highlight of the day was finding my sunnies. They stayed alive after being packed up with the tent, which amazes me totally due to the fact that we have been jumping on the tent to get it back in its case.

Unbeknown to us, so many of the other teams made this their stop off also – so it made for a very unofficial but fun party… Masters from team ‘Better the Globe’ made it to the campsite also. After some very embarrassing stories about the crocs at checkpoint one – it seemed our two teams were meant to each other – teams “Better Half” and “Love the Globe” can now be spotted on the roads of Southern Africa! Masters claimed that the first thing I ever said to him while dressed as a croc was “Do I have anything in my teeth?” and gave him one of those awkward show-all-your-teeth smiles. This is the start of a great friendship.

Note to self as a traveller up into Africa. Ballpoint pens are more valuable than money. So if you ever are thinking of doing some bartering for awesome African art, bring along some stationary.

Over and out…








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