Day 4: “I’ve got a hangover – whoo hoo”

Sunnies: a South African slang word for sun glasses.

Braai: a South African barbeque.

Today Ange and I tried to connect the dots from the night before. I remember thinking the checkpoint party was incredible. But yes, I had a fair LC (loser complex) as I had met too many people who were saying hi to me on the way to breakast that I had absolutely no idea who they were. Luckily for photos – as I started seeing some of those faces reemerge. Highlight of the night was meeting masters, an American who invited us to the Masters next year. Just an indication of our evening – Ange and I both remembered the invitation, but completely forgot his name.

Etosha is also VERY cold at night. I wore a pair of thermal underwear, 3 tops and 2 pairs of thermal socks to bed after the party and I still woke up with my teeth literally jittering. No jokes – I froze!!

Day 4 was a pretty chilled driving day, with us only covering 120km. However these kilometers were through the Etosha National Park.

Ange and I didn’t only come across wild animals though. A bakkie was speeding through the park, hit a wobble and rolled. By the time we reached the scene, a large local bus had stopped and a group of men off the bus were in the process of turning the car back over.

One of the other teams who also witnessed it said the half squashed bakkie drove past them a little while later while they were changing a tire on the side of the road to . Only in Africa will you find that!

Low light of the day is that I have misplaced my sunnies and Etosha is a salt pan dessert.

Highlight was not trusting the campsite we found when they told us they were full. So there Ange and I were – setting up camp for a second night in a row. I must say that we’re getting pretty good at it. Teams ‘Goofy Gophers’ and ‘Doctor and the do-littles’ popped in for a relaxed braai…

My stretcher was best friend that night… Sleep!!











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