Day 3: Checkpoint Blowout


Boksburg: a suburb in Johannesburg (South Africa) that provides many a joke about the people who originate from there. Also known as box-burg for obvious reasons. (please note that not all people from Boksburg portray these qualilities – this is just a sweeping generalization for the sake of humour. Please view for further explanation.

So the proposed quite night on day 2 didn’t happen. I guess that’s what you get when you have 30 teams descend down onto a poor little backpackers in the middle of Windhoek. Team Slowvelders provided the entertainment. Tertius, the Boksburg local, is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met. They also just happened to be sponsored by Jaegermeister, so as expected we only braai’ed at about 11pm but the laughing made up for this fact.

We ended up in a dorm of foreigners (not part of the rally) where they partied harder than we did (did not think that was possible) and at 2AM Ange and I were the first to get to bed.

Up bright and early to get to our first checkpoint party of the rally, followed shortly by a little roadside pitstop with ‘Team Doctor and the do-littles’, ‘Goofy gophers’ and ‘The Ginger Ninjas’ (who knew a whole car of redheads would enter the rally) for a cold one and a boerie roll. Meeting loads of teams everyday.

WE FINALLY PUT UP OUR TENT. And we choose the coldest night of the year to rough it in Namibia. I have never felt so cold in all my life. I’m not sure what time I ninja bombed to bed, but I woke up with iced toes, a red nose and a pretty sore head at about 5AM. Try sleeping in a tent in a dodgy sleeping bag in zero degree (celsius) weather.

The checkpoint introduced us to some pretty interesting people. Team Wasted Potential are the most resourceful team we’ve met – even carrying a mini GHD to ensure their metro hair is always straight (ok team – I will judge you individually as asked – only some team members need straight hair). This team is also the only known team not needing to stop to change drivers. They claim that due to long and uneventful roads all that is necessary is a locked steering wheel and cruise control to change all passagener positions in the vehicle so not to waste time. We are currently investigating this, as they also introduced themselves under sudo names and have had us gullible girls fooled for hours.

Team silly buggers (3 very brave or somewhat mad men driving 3 big boy scooters) also managed to arrive at the check point. I wish I had pictures for you – but I unfortunately over shot the mark slightly and thus only met teams and forgot to take photos. Note to self – this will not happen again. However this team has a max speed of 80km per hour and need to stop every 1.5 hours so to let their engine cool off. I was very impressed that they managed the 2500km in 3 days.

I must just say that we have an incredibly talented group of people on this rally – 2 different teams showed their fire dancing talents and had the whole crowd mesmerized.

Unfortunately in my excitement of seeing the fire dancers and wanting my team mate to see it also, I excitedly ran back to our tent. For some bazar reason I needed both hands to tie up my jersey while running and figured my mouth was the next best glass holder. This epic fail led to me breaking the glass in my mouth, cutting my tongue and not managing to get Ange down to see the activities due to someone showing ice in my mouth to try stop the bleeding. All is well again in Team ‘Love and a 1/2, with only slight injuries after checkpoint 1.

Ange and I had a massive night and met loads of people – what a great first check point in Namibia!








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