Day 2: borders, chaos and fun






It was so hot in Botswana that half of our bottle of gin evaporated over night. And I think I might have malaria – my symptoms are a dry mouth, blood shot eyes, nausea and the worlds biggest headache. But besides the missing booze (which I suspect is in my stomach after an eventful night around a camp bonfire) it was awesome meeting a few more new faces.

Waffles (pronounced “whaufals”) the import from Poland had us in stitches by his pronunciation and mannerisms (think Borats accent of saying “I like sexy time” – said to the whole group and not just me don’t worry dad). It also appears the whole weather system entered into the rally as Waffles team mates are Skye and Storm (sister from Cape Town).

So bright and early Ange and I hit the road (well she hit the road – I put my sunnies on and tried as unobviously as possible to sneak in a sleep between my gag reflexes and hanging moments). Finally we were at the border and I felt right as Raine again.

Namibia is definitely not a take-shit kinda country. The Pol didn’t have a visa and was denied access. While trying to debate what the best thing to do was in the car park (smuggling was a suggestion – but happily not the taken route), a very stern Namibian official drove past, opened his bakkie door and proclaimed that NO ‘mini-meetings’ were allowed in the car park. I’m still trying to figure out what ‘mini-meetings’ are and whether just meetings are allowed in the car park?

Namibia has had a bit more wild life so far… With loads of vlakvark (aka Warthogs) and buck warning signs… Vlakvark we’ve seen a lot of – but I cannot seem to get my camera out quick enough – so figured a warning sign was good enough.
Running around and I’m proud to report that I haven’t seen a donkey yet.

Windhoek (a city very similar to East London) is like any other African city… We checked into the Cardboard Box backpackers and haven’t looked back yet. Two teams that definitely stand out in my memory as being such fun are @rallyingforrhinos and slowvelders… They have had us laughing until our tummies hurt.

Highlight of the day – spending a second night in a bed – ooops don’t tell Ange’s brother who sponsored our tent for this trip. We will be setting up a camp tomorrow though, promise.

Sooo I’m off to go mingle with the rest of the groups… And will tell you about it another day.



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