Day 1 – And we’re off








Bakkie (noun) –
(Engineering / Automotive Engineering) South African a small truck with an open body and low sides
[from Afrikaans bak container]

After registration, Ange and I had a little look at our Southern Africa map and decided that starting off our rally with 1200km on the first day was not a hot move. On the 11th hour we changed our route to cut through Botswana and were headed toward Kang – a mere 700km away.

I must say that I was super stoked we did that because our 719.5km trip took us about 12 hours – of these hours were spent behind an abnormal load truck which took up the whole road (no joke), stopping to take pics, a border malfunction where the Botswana side had to reboot their one computer, an amazing electric lighting storm and passing loads of donkeys, goats and unfenced farms. Oh did I mention the donkeys? I swear they are like Botswana’s national animal.

Kang is literally a one horse (well donkey actually) town. We stayed at the Kang Ultra stop – which turned out to be more than just a petrol station. As luck would have it, the tjok-a-block take what you can get (camp site, log cabin and b&b) had a double room cancel on them as we arrived. So Ange and I spent our first night ‘roughing it ‘ in Africa in a nice room which had a bath and toilet (total luxury ;p)

Highlight of the day was that our bakkie made the 8 o’clock SA news with Ange driving it across the start line (whoohooo) and a nice display of one of our logos.

Lowlight of the day was that the Botswana Pula’s my dad gave me were taken out of circulation at the end of last year – TIA. After chatting up 2 different bank managers, the verdict that I could get my notes exchanged but only by the Bank of Botswana in Gaborone (200km away), we were back on the road with P1500 of paper souvenirs.

At the start of the rally Ange was asked if she was going hunting… Her response was “yes, adventure hunting”. This is definitely going to be one of my biggest adventures yet.

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